We would warmly recommend you to combine your visit to Sarajevo and Bosnia & Herzegovina with visit to equaly beautiful and fascinating country - Croatia. Its beautiful adriatic coast (approx. 6000 km) offers busy tourist centers with untouched nature of islands (around 1100), and modern infrastructure with medeval walled cities. We love Croatia - you will love it too !



Your itinerary :


7 day trip :







(road to Sarajevo)



Description : Capital city of Croatia



Founded :      11th Century


Population :   780 000


Landmarks :


Upper Town, Lower Town, St. Mark's church, Lotrshchak Tower, Mirogoj cemetary, parks, museums, galleries, zoo, a lot more...


Cultural events :


Blues festival (January)

Promenade concerts (April - October) Zrinjevac park

Jarunfest (June - July)

Street Festival (June)

Eurokaz Festival (June)

Satirical Days (June)

Folklore Festival (July)

Puppet Festival (September)

Jazz Day (October)

Christmas Fair (Decembre)









(coming from Sarajevo - Mostar - Medjugorje)



Description: Ancient Ragusa

                      The Pearl of the Adriatic

                      Croatian Venice

                      City of Saint Blaise

                      City of Libertas

Founded:       7th century A.D.


City state:    14th - 19th century


Population:   43 770


Landmarks :


Medeval Old Town, City walls, Main street Stradun, Palaces, Religious objects, Port of Mediterranean cruise ships, Clock towers, museums, sunsets, fascinating nature, day trip to island Mljet, day trip to island Korcula with visit to famous Moreska sword dance and a lot more...


Cultural events :


Feast of St. Blaise (February)

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival (July-August)









Island of Hvar



Description : Island of Lavender

                      Ancient old greek Pharos

                      Croatian Madeira


Founded :      4th century B.C.


Population : 12 600


Landmarks : 


Medeval Town Hvar, Venetian Arsenal and oldest theatre in Croatia from 1612, coastal vilages of Stari Grad and Vrboska with great beaches, ...


Cultural events :


Days of theater (May)

Hvar Summer Festival (June - October)

Shakespeare Days Festival (September)












Description : Capital city of Dalmatia

                       City of Diocletians Palace

                       Ancient Spalato


Founded :       3rd century A.D.


Population :   200 000


Landmarks :


Palace of the roman emperor Diocletian from 3rd century A.D., roman temple, city cellars religious objects ...


Cultural events :


City Carnival (February)

Feast of St. Dominus (7th of May)

Flower Show (May)

Split Sumer Festival (June)










Description : 3000-years-old town


Founded : 10th century B.C.                  


Population : 65 000


Landmarks :


Roman Amphitheatre, Venetian Fortress,  Roman Arch of Sergians, Roman Forum,  Temple of Augustus, museums,...


Cultural events :


The Pula Film Festival (July)

Bikers Days Festival (July)

International Accordion School Festival (July)

Art and Music Festival (August)

Punk Festival "Monte Paradiso" (August)







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